John Corcoran

Co-Founder, Rise25, Helping B2B companies to get ROI with podcasts
I started a podcast in 2010 as a tool for getting clients for my legal practice and it is one of the best things I have done, hands down. Now we help B2B businesses to get ROI and clients with podcasts.

Hiring Writers and Editors for Fast-Growing B2B Podcast Company

Hey everyone!ย  Thanks so muchย ๏ปฟ Mike Giannulis ๏ปฟ for creating this community. We are hiring writers and editors for our company and so I thought I would share the details here.ย 

We are looking for great content writers and article editors/proofreaders for clientsโ€™ podcast show notes to help our fast-growing company.

This is a remote position so you can work from anywhere with a good internet connection.

Please read everything below carefully.

Here are a few essential requirements:
  • you are quick with communication via email and slack and asana
  • you are nice โ€“ we spend a lot of time working so we want to be on a team with nice people
  • You write like a native American English speaker (even if you are not a native English speaker)
  • You are meticulous about checking your writing for spelling, grammar, and factual errors.
  • you are very organized and you can use documents in google drive
  • must have reliable Internet

Our writing staff is overseen by former White House Writer and speechwriter John Corcoran who has also previously written for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Business Insider and many more. You have the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by John directly, while also working with interesting businesses that want to get more clients, referrals and strategic partnerships using a podcast.
This position is location independent and self-paced. Ideally, we are looking for someone who can devote at least 20 or more hours per week (or we can build up to that), but if you have fewer hours available at least initially, that is OK.

We have regular check-ins and meetings with the rest of the content production team. You must be good at self-direction and taking initiative. In the application form below when it asks for your โ€œfavorite vegetable?โ€ please fill in the word โ€œeggplantโ€
About Rise25: Rise25, LLC is a company on a mission to help businesses to connect to their ideal prospects, referral partners and strategic partners using a podcast.

Founded by a chiropractor turned serial entrepreneur and former White House writer and speechwriter, Rise25 works with top notch B2B businesses around the globe, including one of the nationโ€™s largest ticket sellers, consulting firms, law firms, and more.

Co-founders Dr. Jeremy Weisz and John Corcoran were early adopters with the podcasting medium and between them have over 20 years of experience with podcasting, and Dr. Jeremy Weisz for 6 years was senior producer at one of the earliest successful business podcasts.
Please fill this out to be considered
Apply here โ€“

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